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クラッシュフィーバー パズルRPG 新感覚ブッ壊しバトル!

クラッシュフィーバー パズルRPG 新感覚ブッ壊しバトル!

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Background クラッシュフィーバー パズルRPG 新感覚ブッ壊しバトル!

◆Revolution in puzzles! Breaking puzzle RPG attack! ◆
The name is also broken! Pop RPG "Crash Fever"
Let's enjoy the easiest and most familiar cum-busting puzzle RPG (role-playing game) experience!
A popular puzzle game with over 14 million downloads worldwide!

[Features of Crash Fever]
◇Tap to break the panel! ⇒ "Feeling good!" Experience ◇
In Crash Fever, you can experience the highest level of "feeling good" with a simple tap operation. A puzzle game where you chain and shatter one after another with just one tap.
The battle system has a variety of systems such as flashy crash skills, one-shot reversal fever, and more to increase your "feeling good"!

◇ Exciting positive design with the motif of “virtual world” ◇
Crash Fever is set in a virtual world. A pop design with roundness on a pure white background, and a number of productions that emphasize a sense of floating and immersion. I can't stop being excited about the bright and positive image of the virtual world that I've never seen before!

◇ Raise unique characters you meet in the "virtual world" and challenge the battle ◇
The party combinations are endless! Develop characters and defeat strong bosses!
Many characters are waiting for you in the virtual world [ALICE]!

◇Four people cooperate to make it feel even better◇
If you log in with your friends, you can play cooperative battle with up to 4 people. If you communicate while playing, where to break the puzzle and when to use fever, the puzzle will be 4 times more fun and 4 times more comfortable! !

◇ Communication with friends is cute and easy with stamp chat! ◇
Communicate easily and cutely with in-game stamps with friends who face strong enemies together!
Let's have fun and have fun with unknown friends!

◇Recommended for people like this◇
・I like RPGs (role-playing games)
・The standard puzzle game is not enough
・ Soshage still wants to enjoy puzzle RPGs
・Social games with interesting events and collaboration ・Want to play puzzle games
・ I want to experience the world of Kuraffi's unique puzzle RPG game
・ I want to enjoy the exhilaration of puzzle games
・ I'm looking for a popular free puzzle game with an exhilarating feeling
・ I want to refresh with a puzzle game between housework and study
・I want to experience an exhilarating puzzle RPG with easy operation
・I like social games that use my head, such as puzzle games
・ I want to enjoy three things: role-playing game x puzzle x battle
・ I'm looking for a social game that can be easily done with one hand
・ I want to draw a cute / cool character with a rare gacha
・I want to get cool characters from rare gachas and defeat super tough bosses.
・I like to develop cute characters
・I want to enjoy puzzles and battles with my friends with popular Soshage
・ I like games that I can recommend to my friends and can be played for free
・I want to enjoy a cooperative game with different users in multiplayer
・I want exhilaration when tapping puzzles
・ I want to develop characters thoroughly with rare gacha
・ I want to proceed while considering not only puzzles but also battle strategies
・I want to enjoy an exhilarating battle while planning a strategy in a puzzle RPG
・I want to advance the game with my own party by spinning a lot of gachas
・Energetic BGM to raise the tension and play the game
・ I want to read the world of Kuraffi in a story

[The world view of Crash Fever]
One day, it suddenly went berserk.

yes we have her
I was overconfident.

The virtual world is now in chaos.

The future is in your hands.

Alright, let's go.
Put your presence on those fingertips──

Official site:
Official Twitter:
Hashtag # Kuraffi # Crash Fever
Original Soundtrack:

[Developer Information]
Company name: WonderPlanet Inc.
Business description: Entertainment service business
Representative work: Crash Fever
       Jumpti Heroes
       Alice Fiction

What's News
いつもクラッシュフィーバーをご利用いただきありがとうございます。今回のアップデート内容をご案内いたします。■対応内容 ・仮想世界ALICEで感謝を伝える準備今後ともクラッシュフィーバーをよろしくお願いいたします。 クラッシュフィーバー運営チーム
Mod Informations

1. 1 hit kill2. Enemy hit very low damage3. God mode (Never die at 0 HP)4. Auto win exploit (Not always work)


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