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東方マージボール 弾幕で敵を倒すスイカゲーム風パズルRPG

東方マージボール 弾幕で敵を倒すスイカゲーム風パズルRPG

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Background 東方マージボール 弾幕で敵を倒すスイカゲーム風パズルRPG

"Touhou Merge Ball" is a merging barrage puzzle RPG in the style of a watermelon game, where Touhou Project characters turn into balls and go on a rampage.

[Charm of the game]
1. A puzzle game where you combine balls of the same character to defeat the enemy!
This game is a falling object puzzle like the watermelon game with added battle strategy elements.
If you connect balls of the same character, the ball will grow larger and can damage the enemy.
If the ball crosses the red line, it will be attacked by the enemy.

2. Popular characters from Touhou Project appear as balls!
In this game, characters from "Touhou Project" appear as balls.
Familiar characters such as Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, and Fran will turn into balls and go on a rampage.
The enemies are also full of Touhou characters. Each of them will unleash a powerful barrage of attacks, so be prepared to fight.

3. You can compete with players from all over the world in the ranking!
This game allows you to compete with players from all over the world in the rankings.
In addition to cumulative rankings, there are also daily rankings.
Challenge yourself every day and test your skills.

4. Lots of arrangements of famous songs from the Touhou series!
This game includes many arrangements of famous songs from the Touhou series.
There are nearly 20 types of BGM in total, and the graphics and sounds give you a sense of the world of Touhou Project, making it extremely immersive.

5. You can play offline and there are no forced advertisements or payment elements!
This game can also be played offline.
You can enjoy the game without being affected by the communication environment.
There are no forced (full screen) advertisements or paid elements that interfere with the gaming experience.
Enjoy a stress-free gaming experience!

This is a game that is sure to be addictive not only to Touhou Project fans but also to those who like puzzle games.
You can play with just one finger, so it's perfect for killing time.

Download it now and enjoy the world of Touhou Merge Ball!

[Recommended for these people]
・People who like Touhou Project characters
・People who like falling object puzzles
・People who want to have fun while commuting to work or school
・People who want to enjoy the exhilarating feeling with easy operation
・People who want to test their skills in the rankings
・People who want to play puzzle games to kill time
・People who like Touhou Project BGM
・People who want to play freely even in an offline environment
・People who want to play stress-free with fewer ads
・People who like watermelon games

This app is a derivative game of "Touhou Project" produced by "Shanghai Alice Genrakudan".
All copyrights to the characters, worldview, and original BGM belong to the producers "Shanghai Alice Genrakudan" and ZUN.

Live broadcasts and broadcasts are welcome. It's OK without permission.

[Official Twitter account]
We send out the latest titles and game development information.
Please feel free to report any bugs or make requests!

【Special thanks】
・Original author
Shanghai Alice Genrakudan

・Friend SD character

・Icons, portrait characters
Haruka-sama, Uboa-sama, Dairi-sama

・Enemy character
Aekashics Dear AEkashics

ajapa's BGM
Mr. Eufurka
Mr. chair
Fresh bread warehouse
Mr. Tonchi

・PV sound source
Dear PapoProject
・PV voice
Omiso Games

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