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구운몽P - 끝나지 않는 사랑 이야기

구운몽P - 끝나지 않는 사랑 이야기

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Background 구운몽P - 끝나지 않는 사랑 이야기

A gender-reversed film inspired by Kim Man-jung's classic novel of the same name.
The female-oriented visual novel ‘Guunmong’ is reborn as a puzzle RPG game.

Love stories with 9 more diverse male protagonists,
Meet a variety of attractive characters with newly drawn illustrations!

★ A story that seems to only happen in a dream ★
Yang So-yu, a girl who lives in a village in Hwaju-seong, Cheonin-guk.
Her father is a hermit from Kunlun Mountain,
Chae-yoon, her childhood friend, was the only friend and family member who understood and believed in her.

One peaceful day,
With a single scream in the hot flames, another world unfolds before the girl's eyes.
The monsters lurking in the darkness begin to spread…

★ A new story to enjoy with fantastic illustrations and voices ★
A solid story and a vast worldview created by the gathering of various existing characters.
New stories added to further expand!
Crossing time and space through attractive cards
Discover hidden stories from the daily lives of each main character!

★ Character introduction ★
Narratives of attractive characters and
Enjoy the sweet voices of top voice actors in your ears!

☆ Chae-yoon (CV: Choi Ji-hoon)
#Childhood Friend #Friendly
“I want to be the person closest to you. From the beginning to the end of your life… .”

☆ Wol (CV. Lee Ho-san)
#playboy #tough dad
“Actually, it might not be the drunk people who are dangerous, but me. “I don’t know what I’m going to do tonight.”

☆ Gyeong-won (CV. Eom Sang-hyeon)
#same age #same age
“Are you one of those women? Well, I guess I don’t need to hear an answer.”

☆ Cheongwoon (CV. Kim Sang-baek)
#guardian #silence and silence
“The most meaningful thing to me now is loving you and protecting you.”

☆ Baekran (CV. Shim Gyu-hyuk)
#Jewel of Luoyang #Innocence
“My sister is the prettiest in the world. “I fell in love at first sight.”

☆ Soha (CV. Kwon Seong-hyuk)
#CrownPrince #ColdironTactics
“Don’t even think about running away from me. “Even your soul is mine.”

☆ Abyss (CV. Minhyuk Jang)
#story man #sorrow
“It’s not your fault. “Don’t cry because you don’t have any regrets.”

☆ Haerang (CV. Shin Yong-woo)
#Dragon King #Pure Love
“I don’t expect my feelings to be reciprocated anyway. “I know very well that I can’t do that.”

☆ Red Flame (CV. Distinguished Service Medal)
#unidentified #hateful
“You will pay dearly for fearlessly delving into me.”

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>Damage Multiplier>Defense Multiplier>God Mode


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