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Background FORCE 2

"Welcome to 'FORCE 2,' the ultimate car racing game from FADE Studios. Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of high-speed racing, where the focus is on both precision drifting and heart-pounding rush moments. 'FORCE 2' offers a unique gaming experience by allowing you to tailor the graphics settings to your device's capabilities. Play seamlessly on low-end devices or ramp up the visual fidelity and apply stunning Post Processing effects for an immersive experience.
Whether you prefer solo adventures or competing with friends, 'FORCE 2' has you covered. You can enjoy both online and offline modes, exploring a wide range of maps and taking the wheel of many drivable cars across various game modes.

Highlighted Features:

*Realistic Car Racing:* Experience the thrill of realistic car racing with precise controls and physics.

*Dynamic Drifting:* Master the art of drifting and rush through heart-pounding moments in high-speed races.

*Traffic Rush:* Put your skills to the test in three distinct maps where you must reach checkpoints before time runs out.

*Free-Style:* Drift to your heart's content on many exciting maps, showcasing your mastery of the art of drifting.

*Customizable Graphics:* Tailor your gaming experience by adjusting graphics settings for both low and high-end devices.

*Online and Offline Modes:* Play anytime, anywhere with the option to enjoy both online multiplayer and offline single-player modes.

*Variety of Maps:* Explore a diverse range of maps, each with its own challenges and unique scenery.

*Diverse Car Selection:* Choose from a fleet of drivable cars, each with its own handling characteristics.

*Multiple Game Modes:* Enjoy a variety of game modes, including Traffic Rush, Free-Style, Challenges, Race and more.

*Ultimate Challenges:* Embark on a challenging journey through ultimate Challenges you wouldn’t have ever played.

*Multiplayer Beta:* Team up with friends in the Multiplayer Beta mode for intense multiplayer races.

*Stunning Graphics:* Immerse yourself in the game's stunning visuals and apply Post Processing effects for added immersion.

What's News
- Sign up with Google Play Games and compete all around the world - The new Drag Race added - The new Car change menu - Cars sounds & physics updated - Graphics improved - Colour effects updated - And much more..
Mod Informations

Large XP, StarsThe three options to enter the game are the selection of picture quality. From left to right from low to ...


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