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Super Zombies: 7B Zombies

Super Zombies: 7B Zombies

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5.0 (1.6k)
Background Super Zombies: 7B Zombies

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The whole world is filled with zombies.
Command the most powerful team in the world,
who members had special reactions to the virus, to eradicate zombies all across the world.

▣ Special Launch Event ▣
▶ Event: 210x Open
Just log in and participate in the Arena 5 times every day!
Worth 57,000 Diamonds in Total (Equivalent to Hundreds of Dollars)
Be Sure to Seize This Opportunity!

1st Week: [Gear Box Ticket] x10 every day = 70 in total
2nd Week: [Consumables Box Ticket] x 10 every day = 70 in total
3rd Week: [Advanced Treasure Box Key Card] x 10 every day = 70 in total

▣ Event: Special Aid for New Commanders ▣
▶ Progress the story and get a lot of free Cash FREE VIP Pass Growth Fund!
▶ Log in and get a lot of free Gold! FREE 30day Gold Supply Ticket!
▶ Go idle and grow fast! FREE 30-Day 2x Battle Speed Ticket!
▶ Check your attendance and get a lot of free Cash! FREE 30-Day Cash Supply Ticket!

▣ Game Introduction ▣
▶ Stylish AFK idle RPG
Relax your hands and mind! Enjoy cool and stylish battles!

▶ PvP that shows you new strategies every day
Do your best to lead your team and reach the highest class in the world!

▶ Endless growth and competition
Grow your team into the best in the world and conquer the highest stage!

▶ World Boss that grows with users
Defeat the infinitely growing World Boss with the users all over the world
and get your grand reward!

What's News
[1.5.8] ▶ Bug Fix and Update[1.5.7] ▶ Update dungeon ▶ Added Leader Selection Function ▶ Added an operational stage ▶ Soul Flame Amplification Event ▶ Cherry Blossom Festival Event ▶ Be strongest! event
Mod Informations

1. Menu2. Attack Speed Multiplier3. Crit Dmg Multiplier4. Always Crit5. Dumb Enemy6. Faster Move Speed


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